• Friend 1: What's the capital of Ohio
  • Friend 2: gozaimasu

I need a drink.


Seriously though. Be nice to your barista.


I need a hug or 6 shots of vodka


The blended Americano happened to me today. My reaction was literally “Oh please god no…”

~ http://kaylaraychel.tumblr.com/post/92600506221/so-today-a-herd-of-12-15-year-olds-came-in-from


So today a herd of 12-15 year olds came in from some Ambassador program and all you hear is a mumble of “what frappuccino are YOUUUU getting?” and then this one child takes her phone like she’s alpha and connects to Siri and asks for the secret menu and my shift and I just looked at each other…

Trying to seduce someone at work like


*suggestively steams milk*
*sensually drizzles caramel*
*alluringly adheres to ecosure standards*
*provocatively empties grounds drawer*

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See what your followers think of you.

BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
YELLOW = I don’t know you at all.
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
WHITE = You scare me.

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